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Entering into the spirit of nostalgia and general old fartistry, what TV programmes do you inexplicably remember from your childhood? 

I will offer 4 examples...... 

1. How 

With Fred Dinenage, Jack Hargreaves and a lady called Bunty. A low rent kids show providing us with answers to the burning questions of the day. Notable mainly because Fred Dinenage is still going strong and still has a lot of hair exactly the same unfeasibly dark colour. 

2. The Onedin Line

A Sunday evening drama. As kids we were not allowed out to play on Sunday evenings so we gathered round the only TV set and this was one of the offerings. 

Who would have thought long journeys by sail power living off ships biscuits could be so entertaining... 

3. The Brothers 

Another Sunday evening drama...... Who would have thought life in the west midlands haulage industry could be so entertaining...... 

4. Bizzy Lizzy 

One of my earliest TV memories from the lunchtime "watch with mother" series. It featured a somewhat surreal little girl in a dress with a magic flower that she would touch to initiate adventures with her sidekick Little Mo....... 

I have no idea why these have stuck with me down all these years - come on, share your own bizarre recollections.... 🤣

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When The Boat Comes In - set in the NE with James Nolan.

Poldark (the original)

The more senior posters (I.e. the older gits) will remember tv closing down arould 11pm with The Epilogue being the final programme. The test card was shown when there were no programmes running and I remember a notice informing that transmissions were from the Winter Hill transmitter (wherever that was).

Bet not many remember Watch With Mother. Not sure of which specific days they were on but there was Picture Book, Rag, Tag & Bobtail, The Woodentops, Bill & Ben The Flowerpot Men and Andy Pandy (with Loobyloo). 

You guys have missed so much quality telly.


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10 minutes ago, SouthStandDan said:

My youngest sister used to watch this show...


So wanna reply to that, But you haven't made it clear whether she is an adult or not yet, so I'm gonna just smile to myself, and walk away!

God, I can be so sensible and mature at times!  

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1 hour ago, Wolfie20 said:

Stingray, Adams Family & CRACKERJACK (CRACKERJACK!!!)

Quizzes:-  Double Your Money, Take Your Pick, Spot The Tune and the footballing quiz Quizball.

we were taking about this show on the dcfcfans zoom last night - from where the 'Route One' label came from. It was a great quiz show with six seasons broadcast between 1965-71  here's a link with a bit of background for those interested and dcfc and Alan Durban get a mention https://readtheleague.com/the-big-feature/route-one-and-all-that-the-quiz-ball-story

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1960's; Fireball XL5, Stingray, Bleep and Booster, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Blue Peter, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet

1970's; The Sweeney, Monty Python, Old Grey Whistle Test, Top of the Pops, Columbo, Streets of San Francisco, MASH  

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