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Derby County vs Rotherham (in theory)

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1 minute ago, Ghost of Clough said:

It shouldn't be down to Sibley marking a man on the back post from that situation. Wisdom and Byrne not reacting quick enough.

Roos should be clearing everything out to get to it. Knight giving fouls away all game, using his arms in an illegal way every time. More than one has to hold his hands up for that goal.

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1 minute ago, Inverurie Ram said:

Suprise, suprise they hit the post and every other team in the football league would stop the second cross coming in for the goal but lazy boy Waghorn is there to stand still, do nothing and the cross comes back in for a goal, absolute waste of space again!


I know you hate him but really there are many others at fault today

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1 minute ago, admira said:

What a lacklustre performance. We need that takeover over the line, some money coming in and some new signings. How many late goals is that this season?

Buchanan and Byrne played ok. Waghorn mainly anonymous.  

Has anything happened that made you think that money is coming in? I'm more concerned than ever that we're not going to be spending money any time soon. 

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2 minutes ago, dantheram said:

Question is, why did Rooney sign if we’re not making signings. Without new players we’re going down, we haven’t got enough quality in vital positions. 

Did he have any better options? Didn't see any other clubs come kicking his door down.

He's not stupid enough to bite off the hand that feeds him then bide his time until something better comes up.

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Sith Happens
Just now, Nuwtfly said:

Looking forward to seeing what the reason behind this defeat will be. The pitch? The wages? The referee, perhaps? 😉
Lottery Good Luck GIF by swerk

the effort..

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