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Derby County vs Rotherham (in theory)

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Just now, JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta said:

Can we implement a forum rule that  you are not allowed to simply post 'ffs' or similar with no context or explanation during a match? 

For those of us that can't watch/listen live it's very unclear what is going on!

I’m with you on that

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Need to just get to half time here. We’ve just got away with one there, get this half of football out of the way.

Get them into the changing room, calm them down and figure out how to win this game. Despite how crap we’ve been, we’ve still managed to create chances this half so if we can settle down, we can still win this.

Wisdom, Clarke and Buchanan in particular need to wake up.

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Sith Happens
Just now, DarkFruitsRam7 said:

I will not have the name of the beautiful nectar of Burton on Trent slandered 

It's ok for a shandy. 😜

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1 minute ago, BIllyD said:

I do t know what's frustrating me more, how we are being outplayed or the amount of times for some reason the camera keeps panning to their manager 😳

I think it’s his hat that’s the problem - looks a right twit.....

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