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v Chorley (A) FA Cup Match Thread

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Just now, Duracell said:

I think the club has a lot to answer for in the way they announced the signing. If he was signed as a youth player, treat it like that. Seems like we’ve heaped unnecessary pressure on him for the sake of social media presence when we signed him.

Yep we needed win so to speak due the striker situation we ended up in

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5 minutes ago, bimmerman said:

Not really, quite like the bloke if I'm honest,think he's just shown no integrity with this. Forfeit it would have been a better move

Probably because I fully believe football should be cancelled in a lock down as well

I disagree. Very low to zero risk to the players. Also, as I’ve posted on another thread, football does give some people a thing to look forward to during these difficult times so, IF it can continue with very low risk then it should continue.

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6 minutes ago, Duracell said:

Whatever happens, I think it’s really important to judge him conclusively on these 13 scrappy minutes. 

It was a simple question about any previous appearances as I haven’t seen him play at all unlike some of the others 

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