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v Chorley (A) FA Cup Match Thread

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25 minutes ago, Gee SCREAMER !! said:

Anybody else grossly disappointed in Duncans output.  He seems to have a total lack of appetite to move and try to stretch any of the there defence. A player with his scoring record should be giving them a lot of bother. Done nowt.  I can see why he's not had much game time.  

This was his chance - he’s been poor. Can understand lack of service but he doesn’t seem to be making the runs or putting much effort in.

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1 hour ago, Wazztie16 said:

I didn't see the replay, but I can only imagine the assistant referee believed the ball hadn't fully crossed the line from his angle, so the yellow card was for advantage on the handball attempt (DOGSO). 

He could have asked his assistant first.... ball was a hard over, not difficult for assistant to spot

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This game is far less watchable than I was expecting it to be.

Chorley approaching the game with the tactics they'd use against our first team and stifling it was not something I expected against our (mostly second string) youth team.

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1 minute ago, rammieib said:


This was a guy who had a 1.8 million price tag on him.

🤣🤣 the guy has had zero service and has a load of wackos around him bullying the crap out of him. 

Anyone trying to claim anyone is having a bad game in the conditions surrounding this game needs some perspective. 

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