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v Chorley (A) FA Cup Match Thread

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This reminds me of my mate and fellow goalkeeper Nick Franklin, who due to injuries travelled with the squad, as the YTS keeper at the time, to a League Cup tie with Exeter around 1995, as Steve Sutton was injured Nick was going to be on the bench, he was so proud (rightly so) until 30 mins before teams were to be handed in Steve Sutton turned up declared himself fit to sit on the bench (prob so he could get the win bonus) and Nick had to sit in the stands.

Nick never played or did the bench for the Rams 😞


Shame as he was a bloody great keeper.

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20 minutes ago, Ghost of Clough said:

Decided to check...


We're just a little bit older than Villa's based on years only (19.1), and a little bit older than 19/20 Liverpool if they use months and days as well

I'm now going to spend the match working out the best team we could field (with everyone available) that's younger than that Villa one

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Good luck to all the lads making their debuts today, must be a very special moment for them, despite the circumstances. Unbelievably young side really, I hope Hutchinson can keep the lads heads up as captain, he’s the only one with any senior experience! Looking forward to seeing what Duncan can do for the first time as well, what with all the hype when we signed him.

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11 minutes ago, Sparkle said:

Very interesting game ahead folks - please no one complain today !

What about the ref? Surely we can complain about the officiating, especially if they don't protect the youngsters?

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Not concerned one iota about the result - the competition this season has become a complete farce and the buffoons at the FA have shown they'll do whatever's necessary to bow to TV, the media and sponsors to get their beloved competition completed.

My concern is for the safety of those young lads going out to represent the club in what amounts to a men against boys match. The Villa youngsters did their club proud yesterday but they were playing on a good surface and against a team whose strength was their technical rather than physical ability. Soon we will be taking the field against a non-league outfit with players prepared to do whatever's necessary to win the day, get through to the next round. On a pitch likely to be frozen in places, if it's true they've been pouring hot water on some areas then what on earth is that about - for pity's sake, the forecast is for sub-zero temperatures, they risk making the ground even worse!

We have used young players this season and last but in ones and two's and there's always been seasoned pros alongside to provide a level of protection and to act as enforcers if necessary but this squad today will not have that luxury. I just want the boys to get through this unscathed, one consolation is we have a decent referee so fingers crossed eh?

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