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Derby Fail to Pay Players On Time (Again)

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17 minutes ago, Nuwtfly said:



Just now, kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong said:

Worrying,very worrying if that is indeed the truth.


But would it be fair to say he also hadn't heard that they had (still) not been paid?
Rumour has it that the initial source was a leaked email.  I seriously doubt DCFC will be emailing the players to let them know the wages have now been paid.  I'd seriously doubt that any players would inform the press that they had now been paid.  More likely that they'd inform the press that they still hadn't been paid, I'd have thought... If that was indeed the case.

Nicholson not hearing they have been paid does not meant they haven't.

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Extremely poor form if it is indeed the case that the players still haven’t been paid. A day or two late is one thing, over a week late is quite another. Players would have every right to be annoyed / request to leave the club.

To be honest, I think Mel needs to hurry up and move on from this “takeover”. It’s quite evidently not going to happen, they’re a load of chancers as that Newcastle fan said. All this uncertainty is holding the club back - we’re not making the transfers we desperately need yet, and we still haven’t appointed a permanent manager.

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