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We have the 13th full moon of 2020.

This is known as a cold moon.

Swiss researchers say that this plays havoc with sleep patterns and causes us to wake more in the night and have less times of deep sleep.

I looked out to the west at 0803 and had a perfect view of a full moon. By 0805 it was as if it had left the sky completely.

Two disturbed nights so far. 

Maybe there's someting in this lunatic stuff after all?.......or not!

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2 hours ago, David said:

It’s almost like, if you believe this stuff, expect to have a bad nights sleep you will have.

I don’t read horoscopes either.

My sister did, racked up a huge phone bill which got her in trouble. Silly girl.

Nor do I.

Though what astrology has to do with circadian cycles I don't know.

Neither the sky nor the stars affect what happens to us but there are always people ready to cash in on other folk's gullibility and, more sadly, vulnerability.

Hope she is now wiser, albeit poorer.

Have a better 2021 and keep safe everyone!

Edited by Brummie Steve
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