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Black Pudding

Black Pudding  

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Absolutely disgusting. Blood and lumps of fat. 

I was persuaded to like it when I was a kid (against my natural inclination). I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole now.

file under offal and other such stomach-churning belly-emptying vile stuff.

Reminds of once when rick stein was in Leeds market being persuaded to try pink or grey oesophagus. 
Some people will eat anything. 

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Mrs Brummie can't stand it but has probably never had the courage to try it.

The description put her off.

No one told me how it was made and I like it as long as it is a) not raw or b) not done to a cardboard crisp.

I remember friends who worked at Robirch's in Burton who said we'd never eat sausages or pork pies if we saw how they were made.

Do people with the best imaginations end up starving or is it a case of survival of the thickest?

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3 hours ago, uttoxram75 said:

Its probably better for you than sausage or bacon tbh.

Like all processed meats, its hardly going to be a health food but its bloody marvellous with a fried egg and fried bread.

I believe I remember remember reading that black pudding was part of the infamous Moor Farm breakfasts and is considered a ‘super food’.

I’m very pro black pudding.

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5 hours ago, cstand said:

George Stafford black pudding simply the best.

Spot on, though I can never find it anymore, I heard that Anthony Worrall Thompson paid for the rights to the recipe when Staffords closed down.

It's better if you get it from farm shops rather than some of the rubbish sold in super markets.

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