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Brum v Derby Match Ratings - Deadline 5pm 30th December 2020 AD

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Marshall - 6 - He actually had nothing to do. Probably one of the easiest games of his career

Byrne - 8 - Solid defensively and a threat down the right hand side

Forsyth - 8 - Played well every time he’s been called upon recently. Great pro to call upon in the squad.

Wisdom - 8 - Getting back to his form pre-stabbing. 

Clarke - 7 - Another solid performance, been back to his best recently

Knight - 9 - MOTM. None stop running, proper box to box midfielder. His goal and all round performance was Bryson-esque 

Bielik - 8 - Another top performance both breaking up play and setting off attacks with incisive passing, his weight of pass is something to behold. What a player.

Shinnie - 8 - Does what he does and scored a great pen. Allows the likes Bielik Knight Jozwiak Sibley to play.

Jozwiak - 8 - Great assist for Knight. Pace skill balance he has the lot, works hard for the team as well, sometimes needs to be stronger when challenged.

CKR - 8 - A refined bulldozer! Is there a better target man in the league right now? 

Sibley - 8 - Best game in a long time. Can play the Lawrence role on the left of a 3. The shirt is now his to lose.


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Marshall 7 - could have nicked off for a cuppa had he wanted

Byrne 9 - pocket dynamo, the best of a solid back 4

Forsyth 8 - gotta love Fozzy 

Wisdom 7 - better tonight

Clarke 7 - solid but come on chap, it's the big white stringy thing! 

Knight 9 - kid could play every day MOTM

Bielik 9 - class, nuff said

Shinnie 9 - my hero, love him

Jozwiak 8 - excellent again but needs protection

CKR 9 - my man, back to form with a vengeance

Sibley 8 - took his opportunity really well, were you watching Jordon?

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Marshall 6 - got to Chapter 5 of Bravo Two Zero & also kicked the odd pass to waiting defenders

Byrne 8 - excellent again. Plenty of interplay & threat going forward - rarely troubled at the back

Forsyth 8 - thought he was also very good tonight. Lots of interplay, excellent in the air & helped secure control of the middle third

Wisdom 7 - generally good. A bit casual in possession the odd time

Clarke 8 - his usual display. Dominant aerially, leader at the back, caused carnage in their box - really should have scored twice late in the first half

Knight 9 MOM - just superb. Energy & fight against their midfield lumps, instrumental in clever one touch play & superb fourth goal

Bielik 8 - excellent again. His aerial strength valuable tonight against a more direct opponent, measured use of the ball & opportunism for the opening goal

Shinnie 8 - unbelievable workrate, liked his passing tonight which was often well judged & bit quicker. Great penalty also & decent set piece delivery elsewhere

Jozwiak 8 - really good tonight - I think we're finally starting to see what he's really like. Keeps the ball well in tight situations, works hard & superb delivery for Knight's goal

CKR 9 - absolutely love this guy. So crucial to us dominating the game the way we did tonight, secures us real quality ball in the final third. He'll stand up to anyone & you can see his teammates look up to him. Deserved his goal

Sibley 8 - really impressed with Louie tonight & delighted to see him come back with a bang - on the strength of tonight he should be first choice wide left. So direct, constantly threatening the goal & set the early tempo with his dynamism. Linked up really well with CKR

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13 hours ago, sage said:

No half marks, average is 6, just the players below and in that order

Marshall 7 Nothing to do but "Marshall" the defence which he did well

Byrne 8 Got forward regulalry

Forsyth 6 Somehow I just don't feel that confident with him and crosses are still an issue

Wisdom 7 Some dodgy passes

Clarke 7 Good positional play

Knight 8 What it is to be young

Bielik 9 Top man

Shinnie 9 Almost as good

Jozwiak 8 Got really involved

CKR 9 Love his attitude for an old player!

Sibley 8 Effective if wayward shooting.



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