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Derby v Preston Match Ratings


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Marshall- 7

Byrne- 7

Buchanan- 6

Wisdom - 6








I know we are not giving rating for Waghorn because he wasn’t on the pitch long enough, but he gets a 2 from me. Before the absolute stupidity he wasn’t playing badly, but such a stupid thing to do (AGAIN) and cost us the 3 points. 

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53 minutes ago, sage said:

No half marks, average is y, just the players below and in the order below.

Marshall 7 

Byrne 7

Buchanan 8

Wisdom 7

Clarke 7

Knight 8

Bielik 8

Shinnie 8


Jozwiak 7 


MOM Bielik 

Waghorn scores a special 2 for such a wreck less  challenge..... he’s buying tonight 

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19 minutes ago, Wistaston Ram said:

Marshall 6

Byrne 7

Buchanan 7

Wisdom 7

Clarke 8

Knight 8  MOTM

Bielik 8

Shinnie 8


Jozwiak 8

High marks for a losing team, but the ten men earnt the points Waghorn would have got if he had stayed on the pitch!

Agreed. It’s warped with having to cover for 70 minutes a man light. Bit harsh on Captain though 🤔

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Marshall..........6. Not much to do. Wafted a clearance straight up but Wizz cleared off the toe of an oppo. Couple of smartish saves.

Byrne..............6. Not quite at his best but very mobile and adriot.

Buchanan...... 6. Bucaneering as usual.

Wisdom..........7. Rock solid and calm.

Clarke............7. Battering ram.

Knight............7 Silky and persistent.

Bielik.............6. Not quite at his best but flashes of brilliant footwork and vision. 

Shinnie.........8 Motm. If GS was a file, he'd be a Bast*rd. Nice little rasping edge and a bit of a bite if he grazes your skin. Energy. 

CKR...............7. Another vg perfomance. Leaves everything out on the pitch. Lovely holding and footwork. 

Jozwiak........7. Persistenly pulled, pushed, scythed, and toppled but an absolute menace to PNE. No protection offered by the ref, who was conned by Fishcher after Joz left him fairly flailed. 

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