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What’s your go to tipple?



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Winter sees the Tia Maria (for me) and Brandy (for Muckerette) being left out permanently by the coffee machine, although even then, we probably only have them 2 or 3 times a week.  Up until this year, that also included Baileys (Or Aldi's cheaper but nicer version), but I think with this years weight losses, and deliberate lack of general goodies, it now seems "a bit too sweet and sickly"... and calorie laden!

Other than that, we really don't drink much, apart from when away on holiday, despite having a reasonably stocked drinks cabinet.  We had our first drink in weeks, last night, whilst settling down to a movie.  Bacardi & Coke for me.  About 50/50 mix.  Coke out the fridge, but no ice.  I say "Coke", but I spent years working out why I preferred my drinks from the pub, than at home.  It was only recently that I sussed it, and swapped from coke to Pepsi!  Doh!

I don't mind a nice cold Cider in decent weather, or the odd San Miguel when wandering the bars of Nerja on a tapas day, but all in all, we really can "go months without a drink", and not feel like we have missed out on anything.

Lost count of the number of times bar staff/waiters have put the glass of cider in front of Muckerette, and the real ale in front of me.  We just swap them over after they've walked away!  Sexist pigs!  🤣



... Take away Muckerette's tea, however, and there would be hell to pay!    

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I've cut down on drinking loads over the last couple of years. As a result, when I do drink I tend to buy nicer ones ie £10 wine or craft beer or fresh real ale. I'm pretty sure it tastes better and makes me sound very sophisticated!

There aren't many beers nicer than a bottle of Spitfire though, which is often about a quid.

The best pints of beer though need to be in a pub. One day soon I'll get back to York for a couple of Old Peculiars in The Black Swan.

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