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I'm not the most opiniated by nature, as some on here may have noticed?  That's not a deliberate ploy, to avoid showing myself up on here... I'm more than capable of doing that without offering a strong opinion!

But I have to say, I truly thought Cocu would be "The one".  It was only gut instinct, but it was much more than blind faith.  Still gutted now, that it didn't work out... but it was so the right thing to do to relieve him of his duties.

I'm thinking the exact opposite for Rooney.  But as each game passes, and each interview is noted, I must say, I am very much warming to him.  Hopefully, the subsequent outcome from his tenure will make up for my Cocu-related disappointment! 


I also had the opportunity of regular visits to Old Trafford (with a schoolmate and his dad, who were both season ticket holders), back in the mid to late '70's, but decided to stick with my local team.  I think it's safe to say that, with how the next 4 decades panned out, at least I got that one right!  🤣

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