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Krystian Bielik is a very good footballer and worth every penny.

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28 minutes ago, RoyMac5 said:

You got all that but not that it was Bielik?! 😄

I know Roy ... it’s bad isn’t it .. I mean I walk right past them checking out the wheels ... Then while they are messing with their dog who can’t decide whether to jump up to the high sill (he’s got a dog cage taking up most of the boot so hound hasn’t got a lot of landing space) I get our dog in the back of our car, get in driving seat .. and their dog is now trying to jump up GF/Wife .. and suddenly I’m thinking .. do I know this guy ? now what is it that seems familiar ? My Wife says “He’s is tall, must be an athlete ”. But I’m thinking wow what’s a lad like that doing in 80k  of car - then tailgate is shut and I see the reg .. ooooooo nooooo it’s our beast man. Mrs Jono says “how old are you ? .. leave the boy alone ! 

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On 04/01/2021 at 16:10, SKRam said:

What happened next what happened next.  
Animated GIF

Keogh manages to get between goal and ball, but with time and space against him, so with just the single yet clumsy touch, he lays it perfectly into the path of the oncoming Bobby Zamora... 

Do I win anything? 



So sorry, but every time I see all that green grass, white lines, goal nets, flailing keepers etc, I have flashbacks!  

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