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5 minutes ago, HungForALamb said:

Eddie Howe did wonders with what the BBC link points out was a 'limited budget'. So why would DCFC -- newly taken over by practically the world's richest man -- need those skills? I foresee an entirely different kind of gaffer coming in. Unless the powers-that-be at Pride Park really are completely inept (granted, this could indeed be so) I would be very surprised if Cocu's replacement has not already been tapped up.

But Eddie Howe's promoted Bournemouth side brike FFP regulations..?

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4 minutes ago, CornwallRam said:

Have you missed that Allardyce has achieved three promotions?

He's probably the manager most likely to keep us up this season and get us promoted next.

I also think he is more pragmatic (in its real sense) than defensive. He appears to get the best out of the players available, rather than try to mould the players to his way of playing. Given that sustainability only comes with promotion, if I owned the club I'd go for Big Sam if I could make the contract work.

As a fan I'd go for Jokanovic - but it's not my money that's melting away with every season of non-promotion. 

In fairness to Allardyce I think he is a significant cut above your average championship "pragmatist" and you may have a fair point about him. I'd still have concerns whether the squad is suitable for what he'd try but history shows there is a more than fair chance he'd find a way to be effective. 

It'd be likely ugly though and there is a fair chance our academy starlets get binned back to U23s. 

Call my naive but I sincerely don't think we have to completely give up on this season and just purely go for surviving. We need to change that's for certain but I think if someone comes in who can get a little more out of individual performances I think we will quickly climb.

You raise Jokanovic and that's who I'd go for as well. He took over Fulham in a similar situation if I recall correctly so it wouldn't be new territory for him guiding a team out of the mire.

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7 minutes ago, nottingram said:

Ideally I would like a manager who is a deplorable personality who I can hate when they take us to relegation. Not sure I could bring myself to want another nice man sacked or dislike them if they take us down.

Pardew, Warnock or Allardyce please

Joey Barton it is then

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8 minutes ago, hughesy 1984 said:

Yea but that was in the prem playing Man City, Liverpool etc not ducking Barnsley. People have short memories his Bournemouth team ripped the championship apart 

But that's just it

He was very much their manager and Bournemouth very much his  team.

He'd been there years building the team up, the momentum from bringing them up from League Two a massive factor. They just fit together.

It's very rare that you can  replicate that sort of symbiosis  elsewhere, especially not if you're expected to bring instant results to someone else's team.


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52 minutes ago, Coconut said:

With the biggest wage budgets in the league(s), breaking FFP rules along the way.

..and then spending god knows how much money on players he got nothing from once in the Prem.

Remember his spell at Burnley? I bet you don't. He certainly didn't play attractive attacking football with them, infact he had then playing the most niggly, diving, time wasting, feigning injury cynical poo you could ever imagine.

Who is your choice as next manager?

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