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Trevor Birch - New CEO of EFL


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1 hour ago, Mafiabob said:

Ex Derby wasn’t he in and around the 3 Amigos time?

Currently at Spurs

Before them I think.

I also thought he was a local Derby bloke and a Derby fan too. 

Can anyone confirm? Or is my memory playing tricks?


Edit. I think I may be mixing him up with Trevor East of Sky Sports.

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10 minutes ago, angieram said:

He is listed in his biography as being an ex CEO of Derby County but I can't recall him at all. 

Must have been back in the days when all we talked about was the football!

He was only here for a few months, June to October 2007, I believe he helped with getting Adam Pearson in and the GSE takeover. 

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43 minutes ago, Millenniumram said:

I’m sure Steve Gibson is delighted that another man with Derby links is now involved at the EFL. Reckon we can get Mel involved somewhere as well, once he sells up here?

I'm sure Bristol's Mr Popodopolous is even more ecstatic over this news. He was probably already planning a #PearceOut campaign.

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