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Somersault Throw in


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8 minutes ago, FindernRam said:

Maybe its creeping senility, but after watching the weird goal from a somersault in Persia, I had a very strong feeling I'd seen a Derby player do that. Not scoring but slinging it miles into play!

Anybody else remember it?


No, first time I remember seeing it was this one. 


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There's a Youtube clip (15 mins) dedicated to this guy. He seems a bit of a laugh. Says he practised this for 5 years before deciding to try it in a match. It was a further 2 years before the 'right' shot. came. So it was 7-8 years before he put it into practise.

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2 hours ago, Ramarena said:


According to the BBC clip (on the Sport Website) it was some club playing in the persia league!

Its (after my friend google told me) the Persian-Gulf league.


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On 09/12/2020 at 13:30, Phoenix said:

Thanks Guys.

Being Colombian, he was probably on drugs. And another thing, would that have been allowed with VAR? It must have been damn close to over the line.

Pretty sure he ended up in jail because of drug related cartel offenses

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