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1 hour ago, TigerTedd said:

This is an interesting one given that we’ve drawn now for the first time in ages. When we win or lose its self evident whether that’s a good or bad result. A draw is a bit of a grey area. It depends on the results of teams around us now whether or not that’s a point further away from the relegation zone / closer to the playoffs, or two points closer to the relegation zone. 

so I’ll be following today’s results with great interest. 

I always keep the thought that this is a league not a cup challenge.  For every set of 4 games we need 5 points to take us over 50.  the last sequence yielded 7 so a point is good.  There are now a significant number (more than 2) behind us in more poo than us

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8 minutes ago, Rammy03 said:

all going to plan apart from wednesday


7 minutes ago, StrawHillRam said:

Luton are in the mix too. A draw would be best

A win for the Wendies would be fine, they'd still be 7 points behind. Luton are on level points with us. A couple of defeats might send them into panic mode.

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