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International Rugby Players To Sue RFU / WRU

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NFL aficionados won't be greatly surprised to hear that rugby players are now experiencing serious behavioural problems caused by the early onset of dementia. A group of international players including World Cup winner Steve Thompson claim the sport has left them with permanent brain damage - and are in the process of starting a claim against the game's authorities for negligence.

It's a sad day for rugby but an inevitable consequence of the delay in instituting proper concussion protocols and the prime reason I myself gave up the game when only 21. I'm not sure what measures can be introduced to protect players really, so it's a sad day for me as the future of the sport must now be very uncertain. That said, the safety of the players must be the prime concern and to my mind, too many players have been allowed to play on after a succession of serious concussions. One wonders how long boxing and MMA will continue to be sanctioned and insured.

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