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Where does Marshall rank?


Where does Marshall rank?  

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Feeling like at least someone in this squad needs a bit of praise lately! I know it's early but I've been wondering about people's opinion on where Marshall ranks amongst Derby's recent keepers. I think he's been fantastic (forgetting the howler against Barnsley) and was thinking last night when was the last time we had a better keeper. 

Carson was solid and a definite contender for most of his time here

Grant had an excellent couple for years but fell off towards the end

Fielding showed promise at times but was inconsistent 

The mighty Poom?

Marshall...so far the best I can remember? (admittedly I was born in the 90's so living memory isn't as far-reaching as some forum members)


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Just now, rynny said:

The only people that won't be voting for Poom are those under 25.

Actually, I’m 34 and didn’t vote for Poom because I’m an idiot! I voted for Carson before I even read the rest of the List, wrongly assuming Poom wasn’t recent 😂 

of course Poom would be my favourite what with being Keeper during my early teens in a period of relative success 

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Very difficult to compare Marshall against the other options until he’s reached the end of his time here. He does look a talented goalkeeper so far mind, and could be right up there in a year or so’s time. His ability on the ball has really impressed, and actually  pleasantly surprised, me so far. I can’t think there’s many better goalies in this division right now.

I can only really judge the players that I’ve watched regularly and remember properly, so that starts roughly with Fielding. I suspect, given his reputation, that Poom is clearly the best player on that list, but I couldn’t legitimately select him having never seen him play. Based on the options available to me, I’ve gone with Grant. Tough call between him and Carson. Both were outstanding to start with, then faded badly toward the end of their spells here. But I think Grant was incredible in that 13/14 season, both in terms of shot stopping and distribution, so he gets my vote.

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