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v Brentford (A) - Matchday Thread

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I think we've more than held our own in that half. Any outsider watching wouldn't think there is such a gap between the sides in the table. Just need to keep that work rate up and  utilise the space Fozzy seems to be getting down that left side. Good to see CKR back on it tonight. 

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1 minute ago, SaintRam said:

HT 0-0. I didn't watch the first 35 minutes or so very intently, but the 10 minutes I saw was devoid of quality. 

Tbf the end of the first half it did sway into Brentford’s favour. Before that Derby looked very comfortable in parts and made it difficult for brentford. Just need to make better decisions in the final third. Waghorn or ibe on for Holmes. 

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51 minutes ago, MuespachRam said:

They could all play in the Championship (they all are doing) (and if Mason Bennett can make a career out of it then I am sure they all can)...as for playing any higher up.... depends...none of them are anywhere near as good as Will Hughes and look where he is... having said that...the top division is as crap as ever so who knows..? 

how many do you think could?

For me I think Sibley is the most talented. Knight in second place then Bird. But I think they all have the ability to compete at this level. 
Sibley’s poor season so far has been a surprise. Hoping we can get a manager in who can unlock his potential.

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If I were a neutral I would have switched over 30mins ago. 

Derby mostly neat and tidy with zero cutting edge or presence in the box. Brentford missing all their passes but Derby look capable of gifting them a goal. 

Don't think today it looks like much has changed since Cocu, but it feels better because I am expecting less and Brentford are a good team. 

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