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Derby players you must stick togather


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Well to the Derby players you must stick togather it is only way out of this mess and get out of this bottom 3 but on saturday in first half you were brilliant you were playing well and pinned them in there half. But second half you were just hanging on in there when needed to go for kill and go 3 or 4 goals. If Richard's goal have stood I think might been that score line. 

You must try and do this against coverty city on tuesday night at pp when chances come try to take them I know attacking Derby county that never says die and never gives up that spirt you need to find.

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28 minutes ago, one_chop said:

You must of been watching a different game. 1st half we was poor, 2nd half even poorer.

I don’t agree one-chop. We looked the more likely team 1st half. We could have / should have been 3-0 up by half-time. Wycombe presented no threat whilst we looked like we could slice them open at will.

2nd half they went industrial as we knew they would bringing on the phenomenon that is Akinfenwa. Ade is 38, and 15 stones & 12 lbs.He looks far from fit and can no longer run. But, like an old, 80s Merc, once he gets rolling he is hard to stop...We failed to cut off the supply of “big hoofs” into the box and eventually they scored a scruffy goal. They exposed our naïveté and they conned the ref a fair bit. So poor second half maybe, but we had more chances to have finished the game by half-time. We haven’t been able to say that at all for 15 games so it was a big improvement that we need to build on. 




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