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Sam Osborne

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I have no link so this may get locked, but I had two mates message me that Derby were at Leamington yesterday looking at Sam Osborne, once of Notts County, there was also a mention of it on the unofficial fans page on Facebook....like I say, I have no link.

I goto watch Leamington whose ground is about 5 minutes from my house hence the messages.

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21 minutes ago, Jimbo Ram said:

The new Malcolm Christie maybe 🤔

Can we just take a moment to remember Malcolm Christie please (obviously he is still alive).

But, what i would do to have him in our team now.

I remember when we had just signed him, I used to go to raves in Milton Keynes and a Villa fan in the queue, realising I was a Derby fan, went on and on about this young Christie we had signed and how good he would be for us...he wasnt wrong.


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