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v Coventry (H) - Match Thread

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I think in the morning people will take stock and say that was an improvement. I thought bielik was good and will get even better. We at least looked like scoring when we attacked. All it will take is a win in the next couple of games and confidence will start to come back. We are far from being relegated and 2 or 3 wins before the new year will make the table a better read.

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3 minutes ago, Andicis said:

I didn't see the Wycombe game at the weekend. I thought tonight was ok. I thought Bielik was excellent, Kazim-Richards had a great game and really deserved his goal. I would have liked to see Jozwiak on for Lawrence much sooner. Byrne's cross was absolute perfection.

The defending really is criminal though. We got away with it in the first half, and eventually we got punished. Matt Clarke is **not** a good defender. 

It's the first Derby game I've really enjoyed this season, so I'm happy enough with the improvements.

At last someone else actually says what I see about Clarke - I usually say that he is decidedly average 

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If you cant score goals & you can’t keep clean sheets then the outcome shouldn’t really be surprising 

I’ve seen nothing since Cocu left to even sense we are getting any better at either

Almost a third of the way through the season & we deserve to be bottom - especially when combined with our form in the last 8 games of last season thats about 12 points from half a season of matches

Face it lads we ARE going down - this group of players just aren’t good enough even with a proper manager

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Wow! Once again people blinded by the result can’t see the obvious that that was a good performance and would win a good proportion of championship games. Frustrating, gutting, stretton buries that in another game and we’re celebrating 3 points. What a livewire! 
Bielik, clearly he’s fit now and what performance. Kazim again excellent, Holmes continues to improve and get back to form, Byrne and Buchanan played well on return to the team. And bloody hell we are owed some luck as that was a stonewall pen on Lawrence. 
If we carry on in this vein wins will come and we will get out of this. Absolute sucker punch tonight. Gutted for them, completely undeserved. Tonight was very different to recent performances especially second half.

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14 minutes ago, Sith Happens said:

I don't see it. No way should we be looking for excuses from refereeing in this game,  we were awful 

I think we created better chances how many did there kick our lot to def and only booked two there players. But booked at 4 of ours for next to nothing I dont know what game you were watching.

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