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New Owners - your early Christmas list...

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Fingers crossed we're getting close with the takeover now and it's just a matter of time before it's announced. Assuming it does happen soon, what are your early Christmas wishes for the new tenure?

Mine would be - no more publicity stunts please. We've been in the headlines far too often over the last few years for both good and bad reasons. Whoever does come in as manager, please make it someone who can help us slip under the radar and just quietly go about their business getting us out of the relegation dogfight we're in...

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Terminat RnR.

Appoint a solid championship manager.

Provide assurance the academy will be looked after and retained as Cat1.

Sign a solid championship striker.

Send out a message "we're serious, and now is not the time for bravado and promises, now is a time to knuckle down and save this season and start next with a new direction"

Do not wants:

Appoint RnR for season.

Appoint Terry.

Appoint Mcclaren.

Promise more money than god, there's no point, you can't spend it.

Promise things for further down the line like European football.

Rename the stadium the "Maradona 86 Stadium"


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2 hours ago, Ambitious said:

My remit used to be a club that others could look at and go: 'I wish we were run like that'. My new remit is now just having a club that doesn't give others a chance to look at and go: 'I'm glad we aren't run like that'. 

I don’t think we’re far off this with the excellent academy, production of players and lack of irresponsible spending recently

If we could just be not the worst  team in the league, I’d be relatively happy

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For them to come in, apologise for the delay and mess we find ourselves in, appoint a proper manager with experience to get us out of this mess and then to quietly get on with running the club in the background without a PR rigmarole. 

They can support the manager in January to build the club with good quality players, and get rid of those wasting a shirt number. 

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1 hour ago, thelovebelow said:

For Mel Morris not to be part of the decision making. 

You can’t disagree with this can you. Regardless of his intentions, regardless of his personal expenditure, regardless of his business expertise in other areas, he has been dreadful for Derby County. 
Under his watch we’ve gone from being a well regarded club in need of some continued financial stability, to a car crash (unfortunate phrase) of a club. 
Compare where we are with where we were before his takeover and we’re worse In practically every way. You can point to the investment in the academy, but that’s massively offset by the loss of our stadium. How many academy players do we have to sell to be able to get back to owning that? 
I don’t know what the selling price is, but Morris should not expect the new owners to pay for his mistakes. It would really grate with me if he walks away with anything - he took the gamble, and he failed. 
Harsh? Possibly, but being a fan and throwing money at the club does not exempt him from blame. 

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