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EFL to allow teams five substitutions from Friday


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2 minutes ago, BIllyD said:


I'm not sure if this will benefit us. Previous years we certainly had a squad big enough for it to do so, however this year I'm not so sure ?

I am never happy with rule changes mid-season, but I think this might benefit us. Gives much more chance for a more attack minded coach to influence games. We can put some good young strikers in the mix in the last 20 minutes to start off with.

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26 minutes ago, AndyinLiverpool said:

Are we now so jaded that we have to put 'better' in inverted commas? 😀

Because it is relative. Our better players would have been fringe players 6 years ago. However we have to protect Jozwiak. Knight and Clarke. 

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27 minutes ago, Mick Brolly said:

Don't think rule changes should be made part way through a season, someone might benefit when others couldn't. 

10 minutes ago, Sparkle said:

Rules should not be changed mid season because it obviously unbalances the results and then the league 

They changed mid-season last season

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