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2 minutes ago, dcfcreece1601 said:

Is the new manager going to start the bounce?

We need something to bounce about first then hopefully yes but with family friendly words. Love it but at the match with kids could the song they love and want to do most not have the F word in. If we want our young fans to resist the draw of the big boys and allow us to indoctrinate them for a life of misery changing one word will do it forever. And before you all attack me I dont moan about swearing in the ground at all but in that one song.....

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20 minutes ago, Nuwtfly said:

Can picture it now: John Terry, in full kit, bouncing to an empty stadium. All the players watching him from the technical area. A lone steward joins in from the South Stand. In the distant, the faint, awkward laugh of Martyn Waghorn can be heard, echoing for eternity...

throw up jim carrey GIF

I mean.......

A small twisted part of me would pay to see that.

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