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Sports Personality of the Year 2020 (not the official selection)

Sports Personality of the Year  

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26 minutes ago, DarkFruitsRam7 said:

I'm a big fan of Marcus Rashford's work, but by including him in there, aren't they sort of contradicting the "it's not really about personality" line? I don't think he's on the list because of his sporting performance this year.

I have included him. That isn't the official list. Should have explained that.

It has always been between a mixture of achievement, the way you went about it and your character. I would agree that in a normal year, he may not have made the list, but with the lack of competition in many sports, if it was purely on achievement you may as well give it to Hamilton and not have a competition. Not that Hamilton doesn't have a personality and campaigns as well. 

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The name of this award seriously needs a rebrand and dropping of the word personality as it confuses so many.

Anyway, there’s some of these I don’t even know let alone what they have achieved. 

Lewis Hamilton, I know what he has achieved and don’t give me any of this it’s the car not him, or F1 isn’t a sport and let’s be clear his tax contributions are completely irrelevant.

For me he’s the winner, and that’s with ignorance as I will admit as to what the others have actually achieved. 

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23 minutes ago, Alpha said:

Hamilton surely. 

Harry Kane?? Why?

I was struggling to think of an 8th and went with the England captain. Tyson Fury would have been better, but missed boxing off my tick list.

Its a 2 horse race though I imagine.  

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8 minutes ago, DC-1975 said:

Depends what you mean by personality? I have never met any of them. 

Rashford's achievement has nothing to do with sport and his sporting achievement's don't warrant the reward.

Hamilton doesn't strike me as having a great personality, but his sporting achievement is worthy of the award. Jimmy Anderson too, but his achievements have been spread over his career rather than just this year.

I just find the concept of "who's the best" across very different sports a bit meaningless. Judging on personality, albeit on a subset of successful sports people (and how you define successful is open to interpretation) I find much more interesting.

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