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Who's Put Up Xmas Decorations


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Been out to day and noticed numerous houses already decorated for Christmas and just noticed neighbour has put up outside Xmas lights. Appreciate that with current climate people may be bored of want some thing to look forward too. But it's only November😀 and personally  think Xmas should be for xmas. Has the world gone mad.

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Not yet,  have discussed doing some next weekend. 

Early I know but reckon this year if it lifts some of gloom why not.

Pretty unique year.

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16 minutes ago, AndyinLiverpool said:

The world needs a bit of cheer

Indeed. Assaulting my eyes with garish flashing lights ain't doing it tho..... 

There actually an overlap going on round ours as one near neighbour put up outside Christmas lights this afternoon about 30 minutes before another lot decided they weren't quite done with Nov 5th.....🤣

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I’ve started playing Christmas songs and Carols on:-

Guitar (classical, blues,12 string and electric) gitalele, keyboard, flute, piccolo, harmonica, clarinet, mandolin, ukulele, banjo (5 and 6 string) banjolin, oboe, quena, and recorder (soprano, sopranino, descant, alto tenor and bass).

Well, I don’t want to get bored during lockdown.

Watched “A Heavenly Christmas” on My5 last night.

It’s like “A Christmas Carol” and “It’s a Wonderful Life” combined. Enjoyed it!

BTW Mr & Mrs Brummie love Christmas!

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Christmas, Schmistmas.

It's No-bloody-vember.

Have a word with yersens.

5th/6th December is the allocated correct weekend to put your lights up this year. Earlier than that and you're common trash, later than that and you're a misery, incapable of celebrating properly who probably thinks it's acceptable to serve something other than Turkey or Goose on the 25th.

Regards, the Christmas police.


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