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21 hours ago, ariotofmyown said:

Have a read of my original rambling post a few days back. We only promote from within and pay 100k a year. We give 10 year contracts though so the kids we want would take that to guarantee themselves a good salary for 10 years vs the gamble of not making it. Sure, quite a few wouldn't make the grade, but we'd waste 1 million max for those. Compare that to the money and wages wasted over the last few years.

I think what you'd end up with it's lots of dross players in this system

Anyone who thinks they might 'make it' as a footballer - Which in truth is probably 90% of the kids in the academy - isn't going to sign that kind of contract - The only people who will are those who don't think they're gonna make it 

You might (maybe) get the odd wonderkid who is so lacking confidence in his own ability that you sign him on that contract and he comes good - But since most of these kids are told they're sensational from a very young age I doubt there's many of those

What I think would happen in your system is anyone with an ounce of quality would jump ship to another academy if you told them it was a 10 year contract or nothing

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2 hours ago, TheSlate said:

It would be different if this were the 80s, 90s or even the earlier 00s when we didn't have the plandemic and such extreme media manipulation. I realise such statements are somewhat divisive, and I probably don't want to go down that rabbit hole... People have largely turned into zombies these days...


There's a really interesting series on bbc iplayer about this, it's called "Can't get you out of my head". I didn't agree with everything in it, but it was an interesting point of view.

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On 13/03/2021 at 11:25, Unlucky Alf said:

The plan sounds good in a land of fairy stories, In reality it's fraught with disaster, How many of the 25000 will want to be on the board, How many want to go in the changing rooms after a bad defeat to tell them **** ******* ****,  The West stand blaming the East stand, The South stand blaming the North stand, The North stand all walking out because of the bad language, Waiting in line for a halftime pie and drink and having a disagreement with the staff then saying to them...do you know who I am...lol, Ronnie Pickering right.

Far far too many ego's for this to move forward...good idea tho 😁

That's just ridiculous!


...We'd all be sat in the directors box!  😁

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3 minutes ago, Nuwtfly said:

It’s finally over 


As frustrating as it is, Mel Morris clearly had an indication that the Sheikh was a fantasists due to his dealings with Newcastle and Liverpool. It was clearly a massive red flag and I think Mel choose to ignore it in order to get rid of the financial burden the club has become.  

The 'right owner' talk of yester-year has since been replaced by 'any one' and the club is in a complete state of shambles because of it. I honestly would not be in the least bit surprised if we're one of the first clubs to go bust due to Covid and the state we're in. I can guarantee you now that the 'tier 1 academy' will not be tier 1 next season unless something changes drastically. 

Shocking that it's come to this. 

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