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1 hour ago, Turk Thrust said:

At the risk of going wildly off topic, to be reluctant is to be unwilling to do something. To be reticent is to be unwilling to speak your thoughts or reveal your thoughts.

Yes we might get exported to our very own ‘pedantry’ thread 

if you look at Miriam Webster’s website you’ll see one meaning listed is ‘reluctant’. 

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No wonder this is closing in on 400 pages... grammar... transfers... Man City... bottled beers...


I think "our new sheik" is more closely related to citeh's owner than any of those are to the subject in hand!   🤣 

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2 hours ago, Ramleicester said:

Bit tricky tbh but am representing some third parties who have been kept informed due to some outstanding issues. First time they have had some positive vibes. I dont come here often lol so who and what was Richard 246 and Barry lol.

When was this information being 'offered'? You sure it wasn't of the 'of course the cheque's in the post' kind? 

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4 hours ago, Jase116 said:

Anybody think the link to Ravell Morrison means the takeover isn’t going through anytime soon and that we are on plan b of our transfer list? Hope I’m wrong and this mess is sorted one way or another very quickly.

Anytime soon.......I think more and more people are now realizing it isn't going through full stop

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3 minutes ago, Barney1991 said:

Sky sports guy saying they tried to interview Mel Morris and Pearce theh declined and they say the takeover is less likely as we speak. We are actively looking at other investors he says 

Yeah and it didn’t sound very encouraging 

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1 minute ago, Ramos said:

Sky making it sound like takeover by this group is now very unlikely. Seeking other investors apparently. 















There's a massive gap at the bottom of your initial text was expecting a link to the article or insert unless it's because you like keeping people in suspense 😏

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