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2 hours ago, Coconut said:




You can ask those questions for eternity and never know the full answer.

It could be anyone's 'fault' but if the simple fact that the situation has even arisen isn't setting off alarm bells in your head then I'm not sure anything will.

On its own it's easier to ignore, but against a backdrop of multiple failed takeovers they're ringing loudly. At some point you've got to stop sitting on the fence and say how you really feel.

I've not been given a single reason to trust our potential new owners, I've got no reason to trust the EFL's checks & approval procedures.  As much as I approve of Mel Morris' intentions and appreciate his financial outlay (and the reasons he can't continue) the failure of the Gabay deal, the complications of the Dell loan & the subsequent delays don't give me any comfort that he's approaching this deal from a position of strength.

I'll be amazed if a year down the line we're not sitting here wondering how we fell into the same sort of situation as Forest did under Fawaz.

If we weren't so desperate, if we hadn't put ourselves in such a weak position & if we could be certain of Mel Morris' continued investment beyond keeping everything running (which is expensive enough and can't last forever!)) then I'm sure many wouldn't even be contemplating dealing with a company who've already had such concerns raised about them.

If you don’t trust them, that’s fine, you could be right.

It’s just a big leap from not trusting them to calling them out as shysters.

I’m not at that stage yet!

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