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7 minutes ago, AndyinLiverpool said:

This has pissed me off more than it should for any reasonable person.

Haha. I know what you mean - I think I should be happy for him but it really winds me up that we seem to have got a fee worth Ikechi Anya’s wages for three quarters of a year, for a striker starting and scoring for one of the best teams in the world

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5 hours ago, Black ('n' White) Sheep said:

Liam Delap just about to come on for his PL debut for Man City.

The way top teams can just poach players from academies like ours for peanuts and make them stars is just ridiculous.

Was it a million we got in July2019 and now he's playing in Manchester City's first team. Something very wrong there particularly as he was in our academy since the age of 7. Premier league clubs screwing over the minnows.

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Source doesn't look that credible and I can't see City selling him at all. They won't want another Sancho scenario I imagine. However, if he does go I hope it's for enormous amounts as I assume we have a sell-on fee

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4 hours ago, DarkFruitsRam7 said:


Some might argue that our scouting ain't the best one, but it's lot better than Real Madrid's.

It's a common joke in football world, that if you've been earmarked by Real Madrid's scouts, you should change your profession straight away.

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