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Stats - How Are We Doing Compared To Previous Seasons

Yani P

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I am in the process of updating my stats covering Derby since our relegation from the Premier League and have already seen some quite interesting things - will post the full snapshots in here once completed but a few things have become clear. At the moment I will just post analysis for the first half of each season as much for simplicity as anything else - but it should also hopefully show how weak or strong we ended up looking at halfway. Also proves how many shocking 2nd halves we have had.

So in 20-21 we are currently 6 games in on 3 points with 1 win, and no goals at home. Pretty terrible I think we all agree.

However, even as recently as 2016-17 we were hardly much better - after 9 games we only had 6 points, only scored 3 goals and our first at home was in the 9th game of the season. But by the time we reached the halfway point we had 39 points - exactly the same as Frank achieved in his season here - but we did change managers which would have contributed to the significant improvement.

In 2015-16 we only had 4 points after 5 games yet hit a stellar 47 points by the halfway stage - over the mythical 2 points per game marker.

Main issue for Cocu are his numbers are pretty bad - last season his team only managed 8 points after 8 games and a miserable 26 points at halfway, so as we can see it is possible to turn it around but his track record gives no indication that he can do it. Also, didnt we sack the guy that averaged over 2 points a game for the first half of the season?

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These tables are basically showing performance progress for the first half of each season since we returned to the Championship:

Table 1 - simple the results (Derby always the first line in each score year) green home red away.

Table 2 - W L D d again home and away season by season

Table 3 - cumulative points position game by game


11 games 2.JPG

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Table 1 - Home Away and total clean sheets

Table 2 - Number of times we score 0,1,2 etc. goals in a game

Table 3 - Number of times we concede 0,1,2 etc. goals in a game

Table 4 - Goals For and Against

Table 5 - Goals For and Against (home)

Table 6 - Goals For and Against (away)

11 games 3.JPG

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1 hour ago, Yani P said:

Not great viewing but it is what it is....


What happened to the optimistic words of before? Reading this thread from the start I felt quite hopeful, then I realised the date on those posts. 

still, at least we’ve got the post Christmas slump to look forward to. 

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