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Chris Martin to Bristol City: Has he scored a league goal yet?

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45 minutes ago, angieram said:

I know that, but I don't think that I am the first to stray off topic, and I won't be the last! 

Well you should sort it out now you have some influence 👊

If you want to start off a thread that ‘Chris Martin must be doing something right’ I will be respectful of the thread 😂

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Is he slowly getting less effective the more minutes he has on the pitch?

He had a great start for Bristol in terms of overall performance & assists (4 in 5 games but hasn't registered one on his last 10), if not goals - but against us he looked like the player we saw when he was forced to play too much over lockdown (the one who tired badly after an hour in most games) and after that he was benched for a couple of games.

He still stands at only 1 league goal and at this stage doesn't look anywhere near to contributing directly to the 18 goals  (12 himself + 6 assists) he got for us by being used more sparingly & kept fresh last season, but is this because Bristol simply have far more attacking threats and aren't reliant on him, or is it because Bristol haven't been managing his game time with quite so much scrutiny?


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17 hours ago, i-Ram said:

Anyone up for a whip round to see if we can buy Chrissie another goal. Got 78 mins today before being pulled. How much was that contract? Money out of the window for Bristol I would say.

Make It Rain Reaction GIF


He's almost scored/assisted as many goals as our entire team has scored all season. Don't really think we can say anything.

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1 hour ago, Mostyn6 said:

How’s his scoring rate in comparison to Kazim-Kazim this season?

Piss poor. Approximately 5 times as many games as Kaz for half the goal output. Think he's provided a fair few assists though and seems to be a starter in most games though so presumably they're happy enough with him.

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