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Sack cocu


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Really don’t care whether he stays or goes and for a long time I’ve been saying give him time.

Barely created, defensive frailties return with flat back 4, team looked unbalanced.

Its just not enjoyable watching us right now, so if he goes so be it.

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1 minute ago, Bluedogmaz said:

How are people even NOW still finding positive things to say about Cocu's management!!

At some point the excuses have to stop and we have to see something, anything to just cling on to for brighter future!

We are 100% in a  relegation battle with a side devoid of all ideas and confidence currently!

Worrying times.

People say he has had a rough time and yes there have been challenges. However, as I said before George Burley and Phil Brown had no money to spend. Both lost keys players either without being told or against their will. They also had the worst owners we have had in this century.

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