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How much time do we give Phil?

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55 minutes ago, IslandExile said:

Hope you have a lovely break.

I'm enjoying the football tonight. Best performance this season, ok not saying much, but good to have Joswiak and Lawrence back. My only fear is that Huddersfield'll nick a goal.


But oh dear. We really don’t look much at all do we? 

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That's it for me that one. He's got to go now for me. 

If I was Mel I'd be sounding other managers out now.

5 defeats in 6 is absolutely horrendous. 

But the manner in which we are losing is worse. 

We've scored 1 goal from open play all season.

Watching us is like watching paint dry. Its boring, slow, laboured and we literally never ever look like scoring.

If we were showing a bit I would think yeah we can turn this around.

But I honestly can't see a single thing that suggests things are going to improve.

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I've always defended Cocu but the performances since the start of this season (and at the very end of last season) have been appalling.


Cocu cannot be blamed for the entirety (the showing from particular players has been embarrassing and there has been some key injuries), but I worry we have reached the point where the rot has set in and it will be an impossible task for Phil to turn this around.


Hate to say it but I'd be looking to the old guard of merry-go-round managers to steady this ship and hopefully turn results around.  It's a bit of a shame Forest have already snapped up one of the better free agents

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Dead man walking, he knows he is gone by Monday. He cannot survive a heavy local Derby defeat.

The players clearly not playing for him tonight and there was no reaction following the last defeat.

For all that say stick with the manager, Forest have picked up 4 out of 6 under a new manager.  

My only fear is Rooney will get the job.  

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1 minute ago, minesahartington said:

Correct and we were very lucky with the single win.

This is the thing. It was a get generally solid performance but it was his turgid style still. He’s limited and trades off a stellar playing career.


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If any of the ‘Give Cocu more time brigade’ come on here and tell me that it was a ‘good first half’ as tonight’s match commentators seemed to be saying, I’m going to scream 😱 

Has our definition of ‘good first half’ been so eroded that a high press, some nice looking passing, a shot straight at the keeper and a terrible offside decision constitute good?

Good is when you’re two-nil up away at half time.

I currently see no light at the end of the tunnel where we will be anywhere near being two-nil up away anytime soon - especially when we start with no out and out strikers 😞 

Cocu, nice bloke I think 🤔, but he’s gotta go.

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