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Harry Wilson - gone to Cardiff on a season long loan

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6 minutes ago, inter politics said:

Is Harry Wilson someone you are keen on?

Cocu: “he is a fantastic, but I think it will be very complicated to get him in. I don’t think it will happen.”

Cocu says signing is probably happening soon = Signing doesn't happen or takes weeks to finalise
Cocu says signing probably won't happen = Signing will happen?
At least that's what I'm holding onto

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I’m not getting my hopes up but think there’s a bit of a game of cat and mouse going on

There is zero benefit whatsoever to Wilson staying at Liverpool this season. Another good Championship season and he’s worth £20m, a year ripping it up for their U23’s or not playing at all and he’s worth maybe £10m maximum. On Friday the cost of the loan of £2.5m might become £1.5m and it’s a different ball game.

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52 minutes ago, Topram said:

No way we pay 3 million for a loan, as good as Harry is, couldn’t blame the club either

Unless it’s a down payment on potentially signing him - have faith 

36 minutes ago, MACKWORTHRAM said:

If Rotherham are paying all of Jozefzoons wages then I would think most of Harry's would be covered..

With the best will in the world can anybody actually see that happening 

24 minutes ago, ram1964 said:

Difficult times for Mel, dammed if he does and dammed if he doesnt.Would be great coup if Wilson returns but uncertain times for clubs . Big decision for Mel and he's ploughing his own money in ,so I support Mel in whatever he decides.

This is so true, the money is only coming out of Mel’s bank account 

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Cocu was honest and said exactly what I thought he would. He would like him at the club but the financial situation makes it difficult. There's definitely something in the works at an early stage as otherwise he would have just shut it down. Liverpool are just likely waiting for the deadline trying to get as much as possible. I reckon it could still happen as long as we're willing to put the funds forward

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