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Raphinha - Signed for Leeds

Carl Sagan

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Raphinha is a 23-year-old Brazilian winger/striker playing for Rennes.

According to Goal we're interested in him, but dirty Leeds are thinking of bidding. I'd have thought he was way out of our price range, but the piece says: "The Rams’ interest has been welcomed by the 23-year-old".


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36 minutes ago, SK47 said:

Right everyone get back in the Charlie Austin thread where we belong please, because this is the equivalent of the lads from the inbetweeners eyeing up a 10/10 bird when we all know we're only good for the fat ones that no one wants.


Very strange Derby are mentioned in the article, it makes no sense, similar to when our scouting team identified Mbappe as a potential transfer target.

You would actually worry if we are chasing players like him who are well out of our range when left back and striker need urgent attention.

Got to be a random made up link to tag onto the Leeds story.

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After recent seasons nothing surprises me with a Derby transfer window any more. Imagine Alex Neil exploding if we somehow worked out a way to do this deal!

It seems bizarre that we've been named in a report rather than a Premier League rival of Leeds.

(I don't think it will happen at all, but imagine it!)

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