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Were in a bit of a slough of despond. A year of clearing the decks and shrinking the squad to more manageable proportions and what do we have?

A shed load of injuries, a bunch of high risk signings who aren't ready to play, a team relying on a few 30-somethings down the spine to hold things together. 

We need to battle through this. Stout hearts are going to be needed for a few weeks yet I fear.

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2 minutes ago, DRBee said:

Sorry by that's delusional . Waghorn goal scoring record isn't enough. Recruitment for forwards has been pathetic and we will struggle now

If we can get them going they will score a few, I’m not happy either with the striker situation but changing management won’t change that

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Thought Derby fought well tonight against a good side. Both teams missing players. I thought we were crying out for better service and wide play as well as firepower final third- Joswiak and Ibe will be the answers. Lost to a moment of quality. Rooney solid. Shinnie really positive. Evans a liability and Clarke and Davies can't pass. Definitely miss Keogh. 


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Draw would have been a fair result against a team that will be in and around the autos. 

A lot of overreacting on here. We looked solid and conceded to a goal worthy of winning any game. 

Knight was absolutely superb today - won every single 50/50 he went in for. Shinnie, Clark, Byrne and Buchanan all looked good too.

Have faith in Cocu. Lawrence on and we looked much more creative. Still got Jozwiak, Waghorn, Ibe, CKR and possibly Duncan to add to that. Big result needed at Huddersfield though.



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2 minutes ago, Coconut said:

You think Mel Morris was lying his arse off on Talksport then?

I don't think Cocu will be gone (or at least i hope not), but Mel isn't going to go on the radio and let everyone know he is about to sack the manager is he. Anything Mel said on the radio can't be treated as gospel.

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Just now, Topram said:

Lost to a screamer, be okay when we get Bielik Ibe Waghorn back

I agree, it didn’t look like a team without key players v A parachute premiership team. 
Until a moment of brilliance matched with a moment of ball watching, I thought we were the better team. 
Again, Rooney should’ve made it 1-1 and that’s a fair result.


play like that there are plenty teams to beat in this division 

A striker will make the difference, dispite the negativity with his signing

Tom Laurence.  

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Toothless upfront for me. I don’t see where the goals are going to come from in open play. One positive is that Lawrence is back. Another positive is that we have Joz, Waghorn and Ibe to come back. We just look so short of ideas in the final third. We were always likely to lose the game as we never looked like scoring so were reliant on a clean sheet to get anything from the game. We gave Pedro far too much time on the edge of the box and even Wilmott before then, he travelled so far with the ball unchallenged. Hopefully we have a free agent striker lined up but would be just our luck that like Ibe it will take weeks to get him fit. 

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