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2 hours ago, SKRam said:

Well reading this thread, we obviously lost 0-9 at Norwich. Nothing like a bit of faith in your club. Dear god thank heavens I’ve started drinking. Some belief wouldn’t go amiss in supporting YOUR club. I’m from ducking Stockport, I don’t even say duck and elongate my vowels like you duckers yet here I seem to find myself the only frecking Ram who believes in his or her club.  My Derby My Team. Ram on my shirt directly over my heart. Tells me where my love is, not sure about some........ mouthful of ale no make that a pintful  thanks don’t mind if I do 

I'd give you one of each positive emoji if I could for this SK.

Enjoy a couple of beers mate and we'll see the lads through the game to the sunlit uplands of mid table.....🤣


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10 minutes ago, Norman said:

Watford missing 7 or so players because of the internationals. Deeney, Andre Gray and Hughes missing. Hopefully be a disjointed mess with a half arsed Cleverley in midfield. 

Never a better time to play them.

Their disjointed mess versus ours. Should be a classic 😂

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2 minutes ago, CBRammette said:

Thanks both. Thought may have secretly sold him with how today has gone!

Now don’t be silly........


.......we were eyeing up a 1990s forward last seen in the Ecuadorian 3rd tier for an 18 month deal......

Step forward Sean Dundee (check him out....) 🤣

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