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Norwich was an away game and we needed a point/points.

were at home and we put that side out, seems to me like our manager is scared to go and attack teams and possibly lose. This team wouldn’t be put out if fans were in the ground.

i think it’s overly negative, the longer it lasts the longer it will take to see the best of Jozwiak, Ibe, Lawrence and whoever the striker is.

i don’t like it seems like clough team, even the rowett sides had more attacking prowess than that. I want to see good football not 10 men behind the ball performances. 

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Tbh it looks poo team. 

But then, Marriott has offered us nothing as much as we have offered him nothing. 

So, what's the worst that can happen. Rooney actually links play up, controls the ball and has a fewer clever flicks?

Better that what Marriott was offering. First touch was poo, involvement in play was poo, keeping possession when dropong deep was poo, and we were poo at playing down the channels and seeing his runs off the defender's shoulders. 

So, all in all, I think we have more chance of scoring without Marriott, which seems odd given the lineup. 

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C'mon you Rams!

Yeah, it doesn't look a champaign side on the team sheet, but if it works, it works.

Round pegs mostly in round holes, bit of determination, Rooney two weeks further into his atkins diet, Knight must be buzzing after his first RoI cap, Holmes hopefully actually fit. Might as well start with the positive outlook.

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Not surprising really,none of the incoming will be ready yet unfortunately...

If the lads can put in the same effort as against Norwich then a low level loss or even a draw might be possible but we are seriously short of the necessary talent to play cocus ideal game there.

poohouse it is then..


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