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4 hours ago, SparxTheRam said:

What I really liked about the YT vid was that when coming from deep he was generally looking to pass forward, into space.... Not back to the DM or just recycling possession but something meaningful...

Of course he was because he wasn't playing for Cocu's Derby in those videos

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4 hours ago, jimbobram said:

He wanted a longer contract than what we offered. Thats what we KNOW. Ryan Conway and Steve Nic both reported that. You seem pretty angry Archie. Everything okay ?

How much compared money compared with contract length ? Any playing time garuantee s? any built in extend option on playing time? Did he fancy a new challenge which swayed it on similar monetary values ? Did Derby offer what they thought fair given he’s had loads off us for very little over the last few years but then apparently was part of the joiners gang as a reward? 
very happy to debate the issue with you ( anyone else too ) if you are in the know with all the facts but I’m sure your not

angry ? 😂 no ,why should I be he’s a player that’s gone and we all know they come and go , if you r best defence to being pulled on guff is you seem angry then you may have to accept humour is above your play grade 😂

here’s the rub on the Martin guff from the cult , when you have not the first clue of whether what your saying is right just saying it over and over again doesn’t make it true ,

you boys keep posting guff as fact I keep pointing out its guff , happy days😂

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1 minute ago, thekingofbuxton said:

I'm underwhelmed. 


Not aimed directly at yourself but in general. What would people need the club to do to be 'whelmed'? 

Spend 10mill on a striker from the domestic leagues? Can't think of a single one I'd be overly excited about us signing from our league or otherwise. 

Loan a young striker from a prem team? Not too many about, we've been linked to some, again unproven and we don't gain anything from it after the season ends.

Spend big on a European striker? Massive risk to do, could backfire like Forest. 

A 6ft3' striker at the prime of his career who is scoring a good amount of goals and available under 2 mill? I'm not sure more the club could do, this seems exactly the kind of signing we should make. 

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3 minutes ago, ossieram said:

Looks handy in the videos , but that means nowt does it.

As with every other player, he will be judged on what he does for Derby and not after 1 or 2 games.

Agreed, also appears that a lot of his hold up play and bringing in others is reliant on getting the ball to him directly/quickly and playing a breaking off him, ok the space behind. Let’s see how he does playing cocuball 

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2 hours ago, CBRammette said:

So we're paying agents etc instead!

Has Martin not got an agent negotiating for him and taking a cut too ? Wow I’m surprised, might explain him turning down a perfectly good contract at the club he loves and really really wanted to stay at 😂, turns out he’s not so in love with the cult as they are with him 😂😂😂

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