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2 hours ago, YouRams said:

Sorry to make you feel as old as this thought makes me, but the young lads coming through weren’t even born when Cocu captained this side.

My guess is and as sad and old as it makes me feel they would’ve only heard of a few of those players and they’d be more motivated by the likes of Lampard, Rooney etc as these would’ve been the players they grew up watching. 


Yep, you are probably right.  Sucks doesn't it.

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1 minute ago, Abu Derby said:

Should have gone for Hughton whilst we had the chance. 
Instead we will appoint Wazza , after he has completed his self isolation of course. Another gamble which may or may not come off. 

Im willing to bet you he’ll do better than the clown. He’s not suited to this league, he doesn’t work with what he has and sticks to a completely ineffective style. 

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3 minutes ago, dantheram said:

Not a bad shout tbh. Played decent football last time, could possibly have a few shots each game and score a goal 😂

Wassell would absolutely be my first choice.

Knows the club,the players and would cost us nothing...plus we know he gets his team's playing attacking,goal scoring football.

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