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Dare i say it...Derby v Blackburn Match Ratings


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Usual rules. Only give marks if you actually watched it. Only give marks to the players listed below as they played 45 minutes. Please mark in the order I have listed them. 6 is an average performance and work it out from there.




Te Weirik











You may want a whisky or a hand shandy before you mark to avoid 12 x 1


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Marshall - 7

Byrne - 6

Buchanan - 7

Te Wierik - 2

Wisdom - 3

Bird - 3

Rooney - 2

Knight - 6

Sibley - 5

Jozwiak - 6

Marriott - did he get the chance to even do anything? 5

Evans - 6

Obviously can't rate Holmes or Whittaker but think they were good when they came on

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Marshall – 7 – did little wrong. Can’t blame him for today

Buchanan – 6 – decent going forward & quality was generally OK. Struggled with their RW. though & touch was heavy a few times. Should have scored with his free header. Much better at LWB than LB

Byrne – 6 – OK going forward but quality not quite there. Was often caught out of position first half

Te Wierik – 5 – looks uncertain & not quite as dominant as I would’ve liked from captain of his previous club. OK on the ball

Wisdom – 5 – poor defensively & poor in possession. No idea why he was playing left side particularly as commentary said Te Wierik was more suited to a LCB. Struggled all day

Bird – 5 – made little positive impact on the game. Didn’t stop the Blackburn surge down the middle much. Unlucky not to score early on

Rooney – 4 – some nice touches & flicks but overall quality not good enough & far too casual. Biggest issue is his mobility – first goal he was caught on the ball then ambled towards the man, second goal he looked to be closest to Johnson

Knight – 5 – anonymous at RW, bit better in the centre. Struggled to hold his own physically I thought which is unusual for him

Sibley - 5 - one or two nice touches but again struggled to get into the game. Needs to be stronger or winning free kicks when getting contact from defenders.

Jozwiak – 5 – struggled to get into the game & noticed he was dropping deeper at times to pick the ball up. Couple of poor finishes also

Marriott – 5 – ineffectual but he was hardly overburdened with service. Didn’t seem to work that hard harrying their defenders, maybe ankle still an issue


Evans – 6 – fine as always. More confident than the other 2 bringing the ball out

Whittaker – 6 – might be worth starting Morgan over Knight at RW. He looked a threat

Holmes – 6 – energy as always. Good to see him back

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Could only stomach the 1st half, absolutely shocking performance.

Marshall - 6

Byrne - 5

Buchanan - 5

Te Weirik - 4

Wisdom - 4

Bird - 5

Rooney - 4

Knight - 5

Sibley - 4

Jozwiak - 6

Marriott - 4 

We looked completely incapable of dealing with the high press. Game like today we were crying out for a Chris Martin to hold the ball up, take a strategic foul and take the pressure off. Not Marriott’s fault as it’s not his game.

A lot of folk saying we’ll be ok once Lawrence, Ibe & Waghorn are back, but if we carry on defending like that, we’ll need to score 5 every game just to earn a point.

Ive backed him all the way since he came in, but if we’re still scrapping around at the bottom by the end of October, serious consideration should be shown to giving Cocu the door. His intentions are admirable, but the style needs to change to get results in this league.

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4 minutes ago, Tamworthram said:

All very subjective and everyone is entitled to their opinion but, do you really think Marshall had a poor game?

Not particularly, goals were not his fault but he didn’t have a lot to do otherwise, that’s what the mark is based on. 😕

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Marshall - 7 

Couldn't do anything about the goals and kept the score semi-respectable. 

Byrne - 3

Decent going forward but the amount of time Brereton ghosted in between him and Te Wierik was ridiculous. And never got remotely close to him in the air by virtue of being about 4ft tall. 

Te Wierik - 2

Awful. Never got to grips physically or mentally with Armstrong or Brererton. Summed it up when he went sliding in for the ball, bottled it and simply pushed it for Armstrong to run onto. Looks poor on the ball too. Why drop Clarke?

Wisdom - 3

Rubbish. Dealt with the physical battle a bit better than Te Wierik, but that's not saying much. Positionally all over the place.

Buchanan - 3

Needs to work on his control, too many times his first touch went straight to a Blackburn player, putting them on the counter. Willing to get forward, but no end product. Can we honestly say Forsyth would've been worse?

Bird - 4

Slow on the cover and together with Rooney allowed them to simply waltz through midfield. Physically and mentally not up to it.

Rooney - 2

Lazy, unfit or doesn't care. Whatever it is, he's a liability in midfield and pointless up front. Players just walk past him and when he gives it away he doesn't even attempt to make up for it or close people down. Deserves to be dropped. 

Knight - 4

Worked hard as always, but too often lacks the pace to beat a man out wide. Think he was unlucky with deflecting their third goal in.

Sibley - 4

Looked threatening when he got the ball, but simply didn't get it enough. Needs to bulk up to be able to better put his stamp on games. 

Jozwiak -  4

Tried hard, but end product simply wasn't there and we didn't give him the ball enough. When he did get it he as wasteful. Must wonder what he's walked into.

Marriott - 4

I feel bad giving him this, but he simply didn't do anything. Not necessarily his fault as he never got the ball, but what's the point of having him their otherwise.

Evans - 5

Did okay I guess. More comfortable on the ball than Wisdom and Te Wierik and made some important blocks. Game was gone at that point though.

Holmes and Whittaker not on the pitch long enough but better than the dross before (not that it's hard).

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26 minutes ago, sage said:

Usual rules. Only give marks if you actually watched it. Only give marks to the players listed below as they played 45 minutes. Please mark in the order I have listed them. 6 is an average performance and work it out from there.

Marshall - 7 Made some good saves

Byrne - 5 a good cross in the second half but felt he turned backwards too much

Buchanan - 6 He showed glimpses of things to come but is still a bit inexperienced.

Te Weirik -4 I hope he can come good but he hasn’t replaced Keogh

Wisdom - 4 Mistakes and poor balls. We can’t afford that.

Bird - 4 I felt he was lightweight and lost out in the battle.

Rooney - 3 Paul Gascoigne could have done better according to my missus.

Knight - 3 Lightweight when he needs to roll up his sleeves and get stuck in.

Sibley - 4 Where are you Sibo? You are my favourite player but you aren’t producing at the moment. 

Jozwiak - 6 He is new but he should have done better with some chances.

Marriott - 3 I think I have blanked the first half from my memory so not much to say but he was well below average.

Evans - 5 He didn’t change the game at all.



You may want a whisky or a hand shandy before you mark to avoid 12 x 1



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