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Dean Jones - RIP


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Off work with ruptured Achilles in the summer of 96. What a summer. Dean Jones nearly won us the Championship and England 'Footballs coming home' and all that.

I saw a lot of cricket that year. We beat the Indians with a super innings from Jones. 

Sure Devon opened the batting when we were chasing about 15 in the 2nd knock. 

I might be pretending to remember tho. 

I was very very drunk.


RIP Deano

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One of those hard as nails Australians in that 1989 team: Marsh, Taylor, Boon, Border, Jones, S. Waugh, Healy, Hughes, Lawson, Alderman... Bloody hell, no wonder we got a stuffing.

Was sick on the pitch during a test match in (I think) India. Border, batting at the other end, told him that if he couldn't handle it, they would get someone in who could. Jones went on to get a century.

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21 hours ago, alexxxxx said:

He was doing IPL TV coverage for English language indian TV in Mumbai at the time. 

He had only been on TV the day before and was due to be on again. 

Brett Lee attempted to revive him in his hotel.. Can't imagine how difficult it was for them to carry on yesterday. 


Wow that’s awful.

Dean Jones was a really good player and well-liked it seems.

Feel for Brett Lee too as he always seems a good bloke.

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Apologies only noticed thread for Dean just as posting on England Cricket. 
Terrific player and sounded a real character in commentary. I wasn’t even aware he’d died till recently. Very sad 

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