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Hey guys I got to have an operation

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Don't worry about it B4. Your wisdom teeth can affect your whole health, so if the Doctors think this is a good thing then there is a good chance you will feel much better after this. 


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12 hours ago, David said:

Well in that case you won’t feel a thing, can feel slightly weird afterwards depending on where they’ve been removed but after a day or two it just feels normal.

How many are you having removed and which teeth are they?

All my wisdome theeth maybe one more 3 fillings.

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3 minutes ago, GboroRam said:

Perfect opportunity to ask the dentist "will I be able to drive afterwards?", he says yes, you say "brilliant, I couldn't before". 

 I dont drive anyways my dad does so he pick me and my mum up afterwards.

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On 21/09/2020 at 13:59, B4ev6is said:

Hey guys next week I got to have option done I have got to have some theeth taken out and I might not be on here for a little while I am going to hospital to have it down but I am little be scared I must admit I got have a test down for virus before it does ahead I am having that done on sunday if I dont hear anything by tuesday I am nagtive and op will go ahead but been waiting 9 months for this to go ahead.

Good luck mucka, I'm sure you'll be fine and back in no time. 

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