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Derby County v Blackburn Rovers


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8 hours ago, Big Trav said:


bryne        Wiz                Clarke        Shinnie     

              Bird                       Sibley

knight                                               Jozwiak



switch us to the 433 like we played the second half. Marriott also played his best football in a 433. It’s a no brainer at this point. Shinie in at lb. personally dint think Buchanan is ready yet. Have Rooney playing forward passes with the energy of sibley and bird to drive up the pitch and create something. Also allows Rooney for the diagonal ball to either knight of jozwiak to run. Bryne and shinnie providing width and bibs your uncle 6-0 thrashing 

Perfect team Sibley coming from deeper like it.

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6 hours ago, Jourdan said:

Is Rooney actually ready and fit enough to play 60-70+ minutes?

I think with all of the injuries and fitness issues we have, what better time is there to give the young lads a chance to stake a claim for their natural positions?

We all know Knight is naturally a midfielder, not a wide player. Sibley is the best option we have in the number 10 spot until Lawrence is back. Bird needs to stand on his own two feet.

That’s my thinking there.

The way things are shaping up for us, the first 10 games will be a write off with injuries to key players and new signings bedding in, so why not see if the boys can sink or swim?

I expect Rooney will be fine oto play the entire match. I do get where you are coming from but the injuries and fitness issues are starting to dissipate. Personally I think I'd aim to build off the performance second half against Luton as I think if that team had played from the off I think we would have had a better chance of winning. 

I know what you mean about those three, I think they have all the right qualities on paper to make a good dynamic midfield. I think Bird as well will benefit from being the sole DM and having two mobile midfielders infront to create passing opportunities with. What I can't say is whether they are ready for it yet tactically and mentally. We've asked an awful lot of the young players lately and they have suffered performance wise because teams can more readily target them. I think for now at least we should go with the midfield combination that gave us the most success last year.

Personally I don't like the attitude of "sink or swim" because honestly that's how you can ruin players, you need to give some players a bit of breathing room to allow them to grow on their own time.

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7 hours ago, Big Bad Bob said:

Crazy thought and no doubt I will get shot down. But Sibley likes to run at defenders and Knight isn't really a winger. Would Sibley be better on the wing and Knight down the middle?

In a word no. Sibley is the more talented of the two and the one that carries the biggest threat, he is at his best picking the ball up in midfield and driving at the oppostion centrally when he has played wide he's been a bit easy to crowd out. Knight gives graft and will look to keep running behind defenders and for shooting opportunities on the angle, he actually compliments Byrne pretty well and they linked up well when he switched to the right against Luton.

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1 minute ago, B4ev6is said:

All I am saying just show a little bit faith in the lads.

I am with u B4, why not have a positive outlook, think we have a good team coming together, will not be easy, but no game is in the Championship. But feel we have enough to win this. 

But I always think like this lol

Once A Positive Ram Always A Positive Ram. 

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2 minutes ago, muzzamurray said:


                  Byrne         Wis.  Clarke.      Buchanan

                     Bird           Rooney

Holmes             Sibley           Jozwiak


If they were all on form that would be a good team

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Hope Wisdom keeps his place at centre half. 

Ahead of that we still don't have a lot we can change. 

Would like to go into the break with some points on the board and I can see a score draw here.

We should go into the next game with more players back/fit/in but a bit of confidence wouldn't go amiss too.

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