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If you could only eat one food, what would it be?

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On 17/09/2020 at 15:40, DarkFruitsRam7 said:

I can stomach pizza but that’s about it. Cheese is a horrible substance and, when melted, makes me physically gag at the slightest whiff.

You moan about the whiff of cheese making you gag, funny that, you know what makes me gag? The whiff of a football stadium toilet, but you know, some get off on that. I'm not going to judge.

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Difficult, because I have (and so has the Memsahib) fallen in love with my own cooking.

Possibly tonight's offering (pork schnitzel with zigeuner sauce) or tomorrow's planned meal (stoofvlees), but like a few on here, I'm a sucker for eggs so I think I will go with last night's dinner - quiche (not Lorraine - too limited. Last night I made Serrano ham and pulled pork quiche - it was amazingly good).

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