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Bird is fine in his current position, but I feel like the way we set up - a defensive double pivot without any pace or a ball carrier - and the way he is being coached is drumming into him that it’s all about recycling possession and never about advancing the play.

He needs to watch tapes of Kalvin Phillips from recent years or George Thorne from 2014, so he can become more complete and learn how to do the job on his own.

In theory, if you put Shinnie, Rooney or Bielik next to him, it sounds pretty solid, right? But in fact it just stifles us and leads to the ball never progressing up the field or there being no link between the defence and the front four.

Both Bird and Sibley will continue to look wasted in this system.

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1 hour ago, Richard246 said:

Just yes why not he is not pulling up any trees in Midfield.

Are you mad.what is it exactly you want more from him?? He has been by far our most consistent midfielder since jan.those that know football will see what he does and just how good he is.i have been watching this kid since he was 14 and I said then and I will say again he WILL end up playing for england.

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If we get IBE and play lawrence in the 10 role where does that leave Sibley and Bird .

Unless we are playing Sibley and Bird as the 2 holding players so no knight or Rooney out of he 4 knight is currently the best and is clearly a box to box player.

Perhaps play Knight and Bird as the holding players.

It will be Lawrence or Sibley both won’t play.

Will Cocu leave out Rooney no I don’t think so I think you will find he will play deep with Bird.And for me that’s the problem slow and pedestrian.

i think Knight has to play the deep role because of his  energy. Max Bird should be passing forward but he goes sideways and back pointless perhaps a spell on the sidelines.



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